Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I Love My Bike

I started mountain biking in 1993.  I have, since then, owned four mountain bikes, as well as a road bike and a cruiser.

My first was a Trek 930, which I finally sold about seven, maybe eight years ago (broke my heart. I loved that bike.)

I upgraded to a Specialized full suspension Rockhopper, which I owned less than a year before it was stolen.

A Gary Fisher Sugar 4 replaced that, and I rode that thing into the ground for a few years. And while it wasn't exactly stolen, some bastard stripped the bike of everything, leaving me with just a frame and front wheel.

I've owned my current bike, a Trek Fuel Ex-7, for about six years now. It's my favorite of all the bikes I've owned, and I ride it everywhere: singletrack, road, bike path, wherever. In fact, I've ridden over 1000 miles on that thing for two summers in a row (it's my yearly goal.)

I love taking pictures of my bikes, and plan on posting them here on a regular basis. This particular photo was taken the day I bought it. It's leaning against the bowling alley on the grounds of a VA hospital in Sheridan, Wyoming, next to the homeless shelter I worked at (the shelter is on VA property.)

I love my bike. You'll be seeing a lot more of it here, as well as an occasional pic of my other bikes as well.

Happy riding.

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