Friday, December 11, 2015

From the iPod #4 - Solitude

My iPod is a very important piece of my world.  I am a man of music, and therefore need the thing several times a day to satisfy my musical needs.

My iPod contains 749 songs, the majority of which I consider favorite 's.  One of those is "Solitude" by Denver-based Caustic Soul, a sort of goth/industrial band originally from Cody, Wyoming.

"Solitude" is from the band's second album, An Absence of Warmth, which is a concept record vocalist/guitarist Mike Atchley wrote about his grandfather's experiences in World War I.

Don't let the "goth" designation deter you from listening to the link below.  It's a great, relaxing, late-night tune that more than lives up to it's title.


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