Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Royal Christmas

With Christmas later this week, it's time for my girlfriend and I to begin preparing for our annual Christmas tradition.  We celebrate a bit differently than most.

First of all, we live across the street from the Manitou Springs Town Hall, where they host an annual community dinner, so we go over and eat.

Then, we head up the avenue to the Royal Tavern, our favorite Manitou dive for a couple pitcher's (the Royal has a very limited choice, but it's the cheapest beer in town.)

We do this, not because we're atheist (OK, a little because of that,) but mostly because neither of us has no family to hang out with.  Her family lives out of state, my family and I don't speak, and haven't in years.

So we imbibe instead.

And that's our thing.

In the meantime, happy whatever holiday you celebrate.

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